Over the past two weekends you may have heard me mention at Mass about the chaotic situation my home country, Venezuela, is living. The Communist government of Maduro, the President, is not only wanting to impoverish the country (food and medicine is scarce everywhere) but is also trying to stop the Opposition from acting on its constitutional right to call for a Referendum of the President himself.

I trust my people of Venezuela will continue to fight till the end but in the meantime Christ compels me to come to the aid of those deprived there of their basic goods for their sustenance; as you can imagine, my own family is at risk as well. For this purpose, a second collection to purchase medicines and medical supplies will be taken on the weekend of July 10 here at SJN. Any donations in kind such as baby formulas, canned goods, etc. are also welcome. You may bring them to the office during working hours or before any of the Masses on the July 10 weekend. Checks can be made payable to St. John Neumann.

I have made the necessary contacts to ensure that our merchandise will arrive there safely. It is not easy because even the government, in front of the UN and OAS has denied the need to receive any aid for Venezuela and sometimes confiscates charitable shipments. In the meantime it is the people who suffer the consequences of this diabolic action. I realize many other nations in the world are going through similar circumstances, Syria, Ecuador and Mexico being some of them. My heart and prayers go out to them.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity. May the Lord always provide for all the needs of your family and bless our efforts to reach out to those in need. Peace!