Taking care of the Lord’s House

Dear Parishioners,

“If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor.” (Psalm 127:1) I pray that this Scripture passage spurs you—just like it did for me, to continue laboring joyously in the up-keep and beautification of our Church (the Lord’s House) and its surrounding parish grounds. I believe the time is right for us to implement some remodeling of our Altar area and Blessed Sacrament Chapel—face lift, if you will; as well as some much needed remedies to keep the Lord’s House intact.

With the support and assistance of the Pastoral and Finance Councils of the parish, we have contracted the services of Dario Buchelli, a highly recommended architect used by our archdiocese. Dario was in charge of the recent renovations of the Assumption Seminary and the Antonian HS chapels. An Ad Hoc Committee from the parish has been formed to help me in overseeing, giving me suggestions and guidance on 3 projects.

1. Church and Chapel Renovations: Encasing the Tabernacle in the rock wall, replacing the existing carpet, changing the wooden tops of the altar and ambo, making the area ADA compliant. In the chapel, we’re looking at upgrading the actual Monstrance Repository to a Eucharistic Tower. One single unit composed of the present altar as the base; and the space for the monstrance and tabernacle to be above it, but not on top of it. It is a very unique concept, which theologically speaking, is very fitting.

2. Automatic Door Opener for the church: Several parishioners had expressed through the Pastoral Council, as well as directly to me the desire to have this type of door available for the benefit of our beloved elderly and disabled brothers and sisters. Thanks be to God; we finally have come to the point of making it a reality.

3. Family Center: Some recent work underneath the Family Center has revealed some major disrepair. The sewer and water pipelines have deteriorated greatly over the course of almost 40 years. It is imperative that we replace all pipelines underneath the Family Center to stop leakage and prevent further damage.

We do not yet have the projected cost for Church and Chapel Renovations project. The estimated cost for Project #1 is approx. $50,000 and for Project #3 is $45,000. We will not undergo any kind of capital campaign for these projects, but I pray that after we present more specifics about the final projects, many will feel moved to be part of the “building of the Lord’s house” through a more generous use of our monthly pink envelopes (Special Project and Maintenance). Let us all remember…If we take care of the Lord’s House, He will take care of ours… I trust you will be very pleased with the improvements.


Fr. Octavio Muguerza