Social Outreach of the Catholic Church

I have extended an invitation to Msgr. Adolfo Valdivia Aguirre to come to St. John Neumann Church on the weekend of May 14-15. 2016. Father Valdivia Aguirre will speak to you about the work being done by Unbound (previously known as CFCA), and how this provides a trustworthy way to actively participate in the social outreach of the Catholic Church and answer the Gospel call to serve the poor. Founded by lay Catholics, Unbound is an organization that has served more than 600,000 children, youth and elderly in 20 developing countries since 1981-empowering them to make more choices in their lives, live with dignity and reach their potential. Unbound’s unique sponsorship program is highly personalized. It matches a child, youth or aging person at a project overseas with a sponsor in thee U.S. who cares about and encourages that person. With a monthly contribution, a sponsor helps provide much-needed nourishing food, medical and dental care, the chance for a child to go to school, livelihood programs for families and much more. All of these efforts are directed at affirming the family of every person in their local community. Please join me in welcoming Father Valdivia Aguirre to St. John Neumann Church. 

Sincerely yours in Jesus Christ, 
Rev. Octavio A. Muguerza